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Shut Up.

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Chainsaw Noize Suppressor. Revisiting Angeldust. Dirty Day-Mar. Salvation Hellsystem. The Reckoning Crossfiyah. No one is certain how fast since Stimpmeter readings at the Masters are hard to find. Perhaps they know that to announce a figure is to destroy a mystique. To putt at Augusta, for instance, is considered akin to putting down a marble staircase and stopping it on the second-last step.

The hole has "three distinct levels and if the pin is on the lower level and you're on the highest level then it's like putting down a marble staircase". As an analogy, he confirms, it's not entirely ludicrous.

Putting, a grounded art not an airy one, involves an instrument unrelated to any other club. It comes in varying sizes, is held differently and leads to stances not approved by chiropractors. Amateurs hold a putter over a straight three-footer and suddenly find religion. Professionals at Augusta, says Chopra, face six-foot putts that you have to aim five feet right of the hole and prayer just won't work.

Everything about that famed geography requires caution and control. And even with a four-foot putt, a voice in the head urges: "No more than two putts , no more than two. In the afternoons, some greens are dusted by a sprinkling of light and shadow, but it is a deceiving spectacle. You can't see the subtle slopes. The struggle for athletes is to silence the voices of indecision that duel in their minds. In football there is no time to think; in golf, over a putt, too much. For instance everything in Augusta, says Chopra, breaks towards Rae's Creek.

In yardage books, caddies will draw a "little arrow on every green pointing towards it. You might have a putt breaking a little bit this way, but Rae's Creek is that way, and so you now have to factor this mystical place in and consider that the ball is not going to break as much". So what do you bring to these greens? Calculation and memory, faith and trust, calm and experience.

You bring a canny caddie like Steve Williams who told Adam Scott in that his winning putt on the 10th broke more than it looked. You bring, says Chopra, probably "a brand new set of wedges, at least a lob wedge" for sharp grooves mean more spin which translates to finer control.

When the ball hits the top level of green, it better stay there. You also bring feel. Woods had it. Jordan Spieth owns it.

Masters of Hardcore the Torment of Triton CD1

As Chopra says: "What gives Jordan an advantage is the length of putt he makes. He holes more footers than anyone else and what's huge is not the one stroke it saves you, it's mental boost it gives you. It's an unexpected bonus putt. Great athletes have a bond with specific pieces of earth, as if they are viscerally connected to its rhythms: Rafael Nadal with Paris clay, Spieth with Augusta greens.

I can see the break.

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