Soul Mining: A Musical Life

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Soul mining – a musical life by Daniel Lanois

It's that passion thing; "Soul Mining" is packed with it. Daniel Lanois is one of the most respected and sought-after producers in the music industry.

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  8. He has won eight Grammy Awards and is also well-known for his own music. He is currently in the band Black Dub.

    Q&A: Daniel Lanois on 'Soul Mining' and going deep -

    A Frenchspeaking kid from Canada, Lanois was driven by his innate curiosity and intense love of music to transcend his small-town origins and become one of the world's most prolific and successful record producers, as well as a musician in his own right. Lanois takes us through his early years, from his single mother raising four kids on a hairdresser's salary, to his discovery by the artist Brian Eno, to his work on albums such as U2's "Joshua Tree" and Dylan's "Time Out of Mind". His most revealing writing is about his youth, when the romanticism of hitchhiking and motorbiking across the continent is balanced with problems at school and working in dead-end jobs; dreams and desires run up against the cold reality of money worries and family troubles.

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    When he reaches adulthood and forges a career as a guitarist and producer, building a studio in Hamilton with his brother Bob, larger shadows loom but are only rarely, and sketchily, addressed. This section is the equivalent of a raw, distorted guitar cutting through a tenebrous mix, adding ballast and power; it offers considerable insight into his methods and feelings.

    Daniel Lanois

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