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APTN National News October 28, 2019 – Movement occupies West Block, Kenora shelter reopening

His work has appeared in many print and online magazines and anthologies in Greece, the UK, Australia and elsewhere. He has translated contemporary British and American poets into Greek and classical Greek drama into English. Her audiovisual poetry installation Tettix showed at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in , and her poetic installation Aigai-o.

The Songs at Aggeliki Chatzimichali Museum in She teaches at the University of Thessaly in Volos. Her website is phoebegiannisi.

Katerina Iliopoulou is a poet and translator who lives and works in Athens. She regularly participates in international poetry festivals, is co-editor of greekpoetrynow. My macchiato just spilled on my sushi! Whatever the reasons for the current escalation, many Tel Aviv residents I spoke to on Thursday were preparing to leave the city, at least for the Shabbat.

My friend Talia was packing up to go back to our hometown of Jerusalem, which is now deemed safer than Tel Aviv—an irony that did not escape her. Many of them have since moved back, and the beleaguered working-class town has undergone a renaissance of sorts that was spurred by a period of relative quiet. This last week was a reminder of how tenuous life on the Israeli border can be. Recommended Stories. Holding and hugging my friends.

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A wave of eucalyptus. Warm granite.

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These are the things I have in my heart. You leap into the air and pivot a diver going up! You are known to open the fridge and eat when you wish you can roll down car windows and step out you know when to get off the elevator. I always wanted to be a dog but I hesitated for I thought they lacked certain skills.


Literature provides shelter. That's why we need it | Arundhati Roy | Opinion | The Guardian

Now I want to be a dog. People love to hurt one another. It is what makes us human.

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I do love dogs. Dogs can maul and they can sniff out bombs. Is there really a thing such as innocence?

Shelter Sketch Book by Henry Moore

I have desired from birth to live. Daily, I wrestle the tight arms of guilt. At the shelter, the adoption coach told us that our new dog was highly food motivated. I have been called a bitch. They covered my head as a weapon was raised. I had a dog who once kept me from walking into the arroyo.