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You can't change the past. Don't let it define your future. Mistakes don't always have to be mistakes. They are just decisions we made with an impact that whe haven't fully understood until we realize where we stand in our lives. The only true moment is the present one. So many of us get stuck in pattern of thinking about the past - but it is gone and it is irretrievable.

The best gift you can give yourself is to pay attention to your current possibilities and life that is happening right now. Mindfulness practice can help with this. If a regret from the past is lingering, perhaps there is something about what happened that you are supposed to learn from before you can move on? Try to find the lesson, and to process any unresolved emotions, so that you can be free, A therapist or trusted friend might help you with this. Get into the habit of practising some self compassion.

Whatever you did then, however you behaved, you did so because you felt it was the right choice at the time. Accept this. Life is a process of learning and evolving - so don't be so hard on yourself if you didn't handle something perfectly.

Be thankful for the opportunity to learn and try again - experience is a great teacher. So play it forward and make an intention to do something differently next time. Good luck :. Alright, this is one I have tons of experience with. I've made a lot of mistakes. But, so has everyone else on this earth. The past is the past. You can't change it, no matter how hard you try All you can do is move forward and learn from those mistakes.

It's really hard to do. I'm not going to say it's easy. But, it's worth it in the end. You need to realise that you are not the same person today as you were in the past. You are only human and us humans, we make mistakes.

It does no good to dwell in the past, since what's done is done. Promise yourself not to make the same mistake again. Learn all your mistakes. Forgive and forget. Of course, sometimes those thoughts will pass by, but we can't help it, can we? Just move on, and life will be better. You have to be fully aware that you have no control over the past and that it cannot be changed, this might be saddening but if you really thought it through you will find that it isn't.

Well, I bet you learnt a lot from your mistakes, and that something inside you have changed and your thoughts and mind got more broadened, that you started to see a lot of thing differently and understand more things and the people around you. Mistakes could bring you down and destroy your entire life and make you lose the people around you, However, you always have the potential to turn that to your side and fix everything, you just need to be strong and have patience to achieve that. I hope you do well and be able to deal with what you did to forgive yourself, and please know that mistakes doesn't define us, it's the way we try to fix them.

I have stumbled upon this quote on the Internet, "Sometimes good people make bad choices. It doesn't mean they're bad. It only means they're human. You most likely had a valid reason for doing something regretful at that time, no matter how irrational it might be.

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When you forgive yourself, you are accepting that your actions have lead to certain consequences. It is through acceptance the wounds of your past mistakes would be healed. It's a step towards greater growth. Always remember you are worthy more than you think you are. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone has regrets, so we're all in the same boat.

Dont stress over it or think about it too much, just concentrate on making your future happy. Anonymous March 31st, pm.

Don't hold onto shame, or guilt, focus on what you learnt from that mistake, forgive yourself, and let go of any negative emotion towards yourself. We all make mistakes, you deserve forgiveness. You can't change past but you can change your future. Don't stuck in your past mistakes. Also you experienced your past mistakes. This meaning : You can't any mistakes like past :D.

Let Go of Regrets and Learn to Forgive Yourself

Learn to accept that you made mistakes, but also realize nobody is perfect and that you can always try again as long as you do your best to repent. Anonymous April 15th, am. You can do that by actually putting your best foot forward for your future. Do the BEST you can and give it your all :. Take out a piece of paper, and write down what you regret doing in the past. Then, write down reasons why you should forgive yourself.

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You can then fold the paper, and keep it in a diary, or somewhere close to you. Whenever you think of your past mistakes and feel the overwhelming sense of guilt, take out the paper and read it.

Hope this helps. Forgiving yourself can be one of the most challenging things to do in your life; that's because you know more now than you did before. Mistakes teach us things, and so we gain knowledge. The secret to forgiving yourself is to know that you know more now than you ever would have before if you hadn't made that mistake; instead of regretting it, move on from it, and learn from it. Anonymous March 27th, am. By learning from our past mistakes.

Failures are the pillars of our success. To err is human, to forgive is divine.

8 Ways to Forgive Yourself for Past Mistakes - Wanderlust Worker

We all are human beings, are we all can have mistakes, but the key piece is to keep our head held high and learning from them. Anonymous April 2nd, pm. But you can decide how you want to life your future live. Everyday is a new day start it with a smile do some yoga and eat breakfast this gives you a healthier and more clearer mind to think and helps your emotions happier. Anonymous May 13th, pm. This will help reduce stress in your life as well and provide an atmosphere for the best results with this technique.

While this list of items may sound odd, keep in mind that this practice is actually similar to meditation. It just needs additional support from the elements and, hopefully, your open and willing mind. Note that you can use a wax candle, but many people prefer beeswax because it vibrates at the same frequencies as your spine and brain when it is burning. For high-frequency music, you can use a violin, a recording of Tibetan bowls or bells or any other meditation music that you normally use or prefer.

Your scented incense stick should be in a scent you prefer, with sandal tree being a common choice for karma-correcting exercises. Be sure to light the candle, start the music and have your scent going before you begin. Chances are that your mind is rarely, if ever, clear during the day or at night. You need your subconscious mind to take the lead for this technique.

8 Ways to Forgive Yourself for Past Mistakes

So, put your logic in the back and have it just observe what is now happening without being able to take action or add a word in edgewise about what is going on. Once you are completely relaxed and comfortable, take one of the long matches and the tweezers in your right hand. You need to have the tweezers by the top of the match, where its brimstone is. Allow your subconscious mind to visualize that event in your life that is truly holding you back right now.

You may also experience a wide range of emotions. Allow your subconscious mind to do what you are asking it to do, without any interference on your part. Next, you need to have your imagination relate the event you are visualizing or the stress your subconscious is displaying to you to the match you have held in your tweezers.

Give your fixation a framework.

Then, you can light the match from the part without the brimstone. Essentially, you are burning this stress right off your life. You are asking your subconscious to stop treating it as something that is important.