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Éèríndílógún & Òpèlè Ifá

Preview — Greyhound Dancing by Cyn Mobley. Tweeter, a retired racing Greyhound, must draw on every ounce of courage and strength she posses to face ghosts from her racing past and a fox undergoing a midlife crisis. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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Community Reviews. Showing In contrast, folks that feed raw meat diets to their pets may not be as aware of the risks as professional establishments. The doses are minimal and administration is either oral or injectable, with both requiring veterinarian prescriptions. In stark contrast, an average bodybuilder in a study by Hurley, et al, used mg per week of a testosterone compound during a 16 week cycle Bodybuilding. Wootten, 10 problems, sometimes requiring painful surgery to fix.

An important note is that even greater potential side-effects exist in alternatives to birth control, such as pregnancy and surgical sterilization. Even the commonplace procedure of spaying female dogs offers up a variety of possible side-effects such as estrogen-responsive urinary incontinence, perivulvar dermatitis, and obesity according to Margaret Root Kustritz, DVM, PhD.

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When contrasting the relatively mild potential side effects of birth control with the life-threatening complications of pregnancy and sterilization, it would seem that birth control would be by far the safer choice. Many racing kennels in the past and present separate males and females during turn-outs, but they all race together. For safety reasons and pregnancy prevention, females at all greyhound racetracks in the U.

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  • Tucson Greyhound Park is currently the anomaly. Also of note is that while the model rules of the Association of Racing Commissioners International ARCI prohibits anabolic steroid usage with racing greyhounds, this does not preclude usage of small amounts of a male hormone to prevent estrus in females as confirmed in a December 15, , letter from Kip Keefer, Chair of the ARCI Greyhound Committee.

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    The procedure of a licensed veterinarian administering or sanctioning the usage of a nominal dose of a male hormone on a sporadic basis to female greyhounds to hamper the process of coming into season, does not constitute in any fashion anabolic steroid usage. Wootten, 11 competition. In addition, she conveniently left out mentioning various state taxes that Tucson Greyhound Park has paid for those ten years and all the years since opening in the s.

    As Department of Racing annual reports show, TGP has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in pari-mutuel taxes in the past. Additionally, over many decades, TGP has paid state property taxes and state sales tax for goods purchased, along with actual goods purchased from state vendors, payroll, payroll taxes, insurance, and all the other myriad expenses involved in operating a legal business of any kind.

    To cite a single and erroneous slice of the picture as Via did is to be expected given her agenda. However, in doing so, she slighted one of the few enterprises in the state that has weathered multiple state and national economic crises when a vast majority have simply filed bankruptcy and fled. Based on uneducated opinion rather than substantive fact, these letters are definitely lacking. However, if there is strength in the number of letters submitted, then those in support of Proposition won the prize. Ultimately, Proposition passed by a narrow margin of to Official.

    To be sure, it did not help that the only letter supporting a no vote was from Tom Taylor, who was, at the time, General Manager of Tucson Greyhound Park. Taylor remarked publically that there was no way the proposition could pass. Of course, the final vote proved him incorrect. One letter versus 19 is no way to do battle in a campaign, no matter who is right or wrong.

    One has to wonder why neither was included in the publicity pamphlet mailed to voters. Both made excellent points that would have helped voters understand the issues, clearing up misconceptions set forth by Via and others.



    For example, a letter dated May 19, , was from Clifton Hale Sr, a retired Tucson greyhound kennel operator. These two entities are experts in the care of the greyhounds and have been ensuring compliance to their guidelines for many years. Would an owner of such a valuable animal risk such valuable property by feeding them unsafe meat? Once the females have retired from racing, they are taken off testosterone, and their reproductive cycles return to normal soon after.

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    There is no long-term harm from this practice. She has also been actively involved in greyhound pet adoption for over 25 years. It is given in low doses, just enough to keep [females] from coming into season. It isn't even enough to grow hair on their chests! I have not seen any aggression or other adverse sequelae from its use. Reproduction also seems to go apace. What is even more significant is that the very best bitches, those selected for breeding, have generally had longer racing careers, likely receiving testosterone monthly for three or four years!

    And somehow, we still have lots of wonderful puppies! Since the mids, she has had dozens of retired racers as pets. In addition, during the past 13 years alone, her group has adopted out 2, former racers as pets, averaging over per year. Between the mid s and , other groups she was affiliated with had similar annual adoption rates. The vote would surely have shifted if voters had access to the qualified views of Guccione and Hale, along with other professionals in the know about greyhound athletes, such as veterinarians Leah Cole, Linda Blythe, and Brad Fenwick.

    What a way to go out…. Literally the week that Hai Hai was released, Roger fell and shattered both his wrists, which dramatically affected the sales of the album with Hodgson unable to tour. In fact it was almost the end of his career. Literally everything stopped. Everyone who I was working with had to leave to go find work and I was left very much alone, except for the support of my family. Faced with this devastating news, Roger battled with depression but eventually started working on healing himself through prayer, determination, homeopathy as well as major physical therapy, and after a year and a half was able to play again.

    As many already know, Roger is back touring again, and playing and singing better than ever. When you put your mind to it — and ask for Divine help — anything is possible.


    It is certainly my favorite recording. My deepest prayer has always been to want to be of service to God and life and I feel this longing was captured beautifully in the spirit of this song. Next spring, Roger has just announced his second show at The London Palladium on 28 April due to the tremendous demand following the sell-out of his 29 April show at The Royal Albert Hall. View Roger and his band in action is a must for all lovers of good music. For those interested, the Richard Palmer of the first line up guitarist, mentioned as lyric writer in this article later turned up as the lyric writer for the period King Crimson Larks Tongues in Aspic, Starless And Bible Black, Red , credited with his full name, Richard Palmer-James.

    He also did a very pleasant album with John Wetton, that got released a number of years ago after a few decades sitting on a shelf. I cannot wait for Roger Hodgson to return to London! What fantastic venues for what will be most glorious shows. There is a reason so many fans myself included believe he is the soul and spirit of the band.

    Great read, really enjoyed this one! So grateful for the songs Roger has given to the world and the feelings we share through them. Great man, Roger Hodgson, great musician…. Add to watch list. People who viewed this item also viewed. Picture Information Free postage.


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