Consumed: A Novel of Extreme Horror and Gore

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The multiple frames of the novel work in such a way that the core story of a house that does not obey the laws of physics and the family torn apart during their time there becomes more and more substantive and emotionally impacting. Reading this book, you won't know what's real and not real, and this uncertainty of reality can be one of the most frightening experiences you'll ever face. The fact that its main villain is a house, the place where you're supposed to feel safest, made it terrifying for me to read in bed, second-guessing every sound and shadow.

Holmes, who was murdering people in his Chicago 'hotel' at the same time. True stories like that freak me out. The book was fascinating, well-written, and terrifying AF! It's the true story of America's first documented serial killer. Lawson's writing is very haunting. But what really kept me up at night was the knowledge of how easy it was and is to convince people nothing is wrong while so many are missing. That it's nonfiction just makes it scarier.

I couldn't stop thinking about it for weeks after!! Tana French has a few great murder mystery books but this is by far the creepiest. His stories are like the most terrifyingly vivid, surreal nightmares you've ever had.

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She gave me this. I read it for a journalism course about ten years ago, and it scared the sleep away from me for weeks, only to come back to haunt me during the Ebola crisis. Just a horrifying look at what someone with the right training can do to the human mind. If you go to a therapist, I would not recommend this book — you likely won't go back. You get this feeling of helplessness once you start whittling down everyone you assumed the killer is until there is no one else.

Very well written and honestly no adaptations I've seen have done it service.

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Vera losing her grip on reality is also unsettling also the seaweed scene has some great suspense. Really just the mounting atmosphere of dread and isolation that Christie creates is chilling. It's also one of his darker and more hopeless stories.

Salem's Lot is one of the classic vampire stories for a reason. The undead children scratching at the window! I also read it at my sleepaway camp in Maine in my bunk which was in the woods, which made it even scarier. Coming from a diehard Stephen King fan, I think that says something.

The vampires were bad enough, but the loss of faith that Father Callahan experiences and the ramifications that that brings were enough to chill me to the bone I was Catholic when I read it, and though I no longer identify as Catholic, it still makes me want to pray for my immortal soul.

The idea of the mother figure wanting to sew black buttons on Coraline's eyeballs got in my head. It didn't help that I was reading it as I was babysitting alone in a fabulous but creaky old house. I would be interested in going back to reread it now. But I've read The Shining , and I took a whole class in college about gothic horror literature, and nothing landed in my psyche the way that Coraline did. It's about a young boy who attempts to make a penpal via a school project.

Soon after, strange and terrifying things begin happening to him. For the full effect, read at night while it's snowing outside with lots of wind. I had to sleep with the light on the night I finished it. It creeped me out so much. And with his own creepy nursery rhyme to boot? I'll be sleeping with the lights on.

It's about this town that is haunted by a witch and once you move there, you can't leave. The witch's eyes and mouth are sewn shut but in the '60s some people in town decided to try and undo her lips and they got one corner undone and she was whispering and made everyone who heard her kill themselves. It's set in modern day times but of course the town doesn't always feel so modern being haunted and some teens try and mess with her and all hell breaks lose.


Afraid was the first one I read and stayed up all night with the lights on! Also available on Kindle Unlimited. It's about a troop of boys who go camping on this island infested with man-made carnivorous creatures and they're pretty much just trying to survive and make it back home. Didn't sleep for nights. I like to read it close to Halloween so it's more spooky. I swear it gets scarier every time I read it! The sick, twisted ways in which the killer thinks just give me the heeby-jeebies.

I still haven't finished it. I read it several years ago and every once in a while I'll just remember that story and it'll scare the crap out of me all over again.

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The author really sets up the story in a beautiful rural town and it slowly turns into an absolute nightmare filled with creepy townspeople. The story is mostly told from the perspective of an 8-year-old, which makes it even creepier. Also, the ending was unexpected! Probably not the best time as it was pitch black and I could hear animals roaming around outside. Totally freaked myself out! If you can hide or run, you live.

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If they catch you, you die or worse: come back as some twisted being of their sick creation. Literally every night until I finished it, I had nightmares — but I couldn't put it down.

That book is like a terrible car crash that you can't tear your eyes away from. True horror stories like that affect me far more than any scary flick. Some people are truly disturbed. The idea of women being controlled by the men in their lives because of the time period was really pushed by this book. Who do you turn to for help if your 'protectors' are the ones terrorizing you? The most terrifying is 'The Man in the Black Suit. I've never been more tempted to put blankets over my windows. Don't start it at night. I know I'll get reported for that image As I am one of the authors, I will refrain from rating this book.

I will, however, review the other three stories. Room 7 by Kyle M.

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Scott Told from the perspective of Edward Slater, manager and proprietor of The Oceanside Inn, this story reveals the horrific nature of Room 7. I expected this to be a ghost story, but the only thing haunting is the superb writing and storytelling--it's simply mesmerizing. Rich with figu I know I'll get reported for that image Rich with figurative language, I was pulled into the story as dark secrets and sinister deeds unfolded. I loved every minute of it--seriously, even the cringing! Especially the cringing!

Thomas and Richard drive in together and are surprised to find that their usually-punctual friend, Harold, hasn't yet arrived. Thomas informs Richard that " No one comes out alive And what they find Expect suspense, gore and possibly the true reason behind the name, "Lake Whisper. I wanted to familiarize myself with Rollins' work but didn't get the opportunity.

So this is my first introduction to his work and I must say, I am very impressed. The story cleverly unfolds through Stuart Scott, who, via a series of interviews, is attempting to find out the truth behind a suspected terrorist attack at a train station. We get to "meet" the witnesses and some of the people who knew the suspects. Their accounts of the things that transpired reveals that an act of terror did, indeed, occur Well-paced, suspenseful and gory, this short story may have you questioning the headlines for more sinister explanations!

I know it's still technically correct, but looks so odd to me. Hopefully, it won't irk any of you as much as it irks me! View all 9 comments. Carnage: Extreme Horror is available now! Quite simply, this anthology was a pleasure to compile, with some close friends who happen to be authors. Read it if you dare. View 1 comment. Nov 04, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: splatterpunk , kindle-e-books. Here's the part where I tell you that I received this in exchange for an honest review, but if you know me you'll already know that I am a huge huge fan of extreme horror.

I'm a splatterpunk author myself and I'm a huge fan of three of these sick demented gentleman. Carnage is my kind of anthology. The thing to remember about this aside from the obvious is that there is a great deal of talent involved here. The only writer I wasn't familiar with is Angel Gelique and let me tell you that this is Here's the part where I tell you that I received this in exchange for an honest review, but if you know me you'll already know that I am a huge huge fan of extreme horror. The only writer I wasn't familiar with is Angel Gelique and let me tell you that this is a writer to watch out for.

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Crazy Old Lady is dark twisted tale of revenge and Angel captures the splatterpunk spirit. While there is a fair amount of gore and brutality you can see what motivates this woman and yes, her methods of revenge are not for the weak of stomach, Angel takes you the dark side and it proves that when done correctly there's more to extreme horror than just the gore and violence.